Mauro Labanca

Prof. Mauro Labanca

M.D. D.D.S. – Medical Doctor – Oral Surgeon

Postgraduate in general surgery

Postgraduate in dentistry

Professor in oral surgery and anatomy

In 1986 Mauro Labanca earned his Medical Doctor degree from the University of Milan, where he also qualified in Dentistry and General Surgery. He has practiced Oral Surgery and Implantology since 1992 in his private dental office located in Milan city center, Italy. He is an International Speaker and Key Opinion Leader for many leading Dental Companies.

He is the Regent of the International College of Dentists (ICD) Italian Section, Registrar of the European Board and International Councilor.

He is co-author of the Atlas “Anatomy and Surgery in Dentistry” (Elsevier-Masson) recently reprinted and updated, the book “Clinical Neurochemical and Experimental Aspects of Orofacial Pain in Dentistry” and the DVD “The Dental Anatomy and Surgery in a Daily Practice”. He is the author of the DVD “Sutures in Dentistry: Materials and Knotting Techniques” (second edition) as well as several scientific articles published in Impacted Reviews. He is the author of the book “Clinical and Anatomical Basis of everyday Dental surgery” (Quintessence).

From 2001 up to date Director of the course of “Anatomical surgery with Cadaver lab” at the Institute of Anatomy at the University of Wien, Austria and Institute of Anatomy at the University of Brescia, Italy (XX Editions till now).

2006 Creator and Director of the first Master of Marketing and Communications in Medicine and Private Dentistry at IULM University (Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione) in Milan, Italy.

From 2007 up to date International Consultant in Dentistry for MEDACorp, Leerink Swann LLC Boston, MA, USA.

From 2007 to 2013 Consultant Professor of Oral Surgery in the department of Dentistry at “Vita e Salute University” – S. Raffaele Hospital – Milan, Italy.

From 2008 up to date Consultant Professor of Anatomy in the Department of Medicine at the University of Brescia, Italy.

2009 Co-Founder and vice President of the Italian Society for the study of Oro- Facial Pain (SISDO).

2011 Founder and President of the “Labanca Open Academy” (LOA) devoted to the improvement of all aspects of Dentistry. Created to have an open network among all participants of his courses.

2014 President of the Membership/Admission Committee of the Digital Dentistry Society (DDS).